Scandinavian support

Stockholm Sweden
Gothenburg Sweden
Copenhagen Denmark
Helsinki Finland
Oslo Norway

Why Sweden / Scandinavia?

Power grid / pricing

Sweden offers the most competitive pricing scheme in the EU and the Nordics can rely on natural cooling for a large percentage of the year due to their northern latitude. Ample legacy industrial infrastructure and capacity provides easy access to power and logistics.

Green power

Sweden utilizes the greenest power of any nation in the EU, relying on hydro power and nuclear power for a large percentage of electricity generation.

Security / independence / stability

The Nordic countries enjoy a stable geopolitical environment with a highly-educated and high computer literate populace.

Heat exchange / recycling

In many instances, datacenters in Sweden are able to recycle excess heat generated for heating nearby homes and offices.

Fiber and technology adoption

There is a high rate of early adoption and reliance on fiber and related technologies, some studies place Sweden number one globally in this regard.

Ping times to Europe / Russia

Competitive ping times to the rest of Europe and Russia. Latency from southern Sweden to Amsterdam is 7ms and 30ms from northern Sweden. Latency to St Petersburg and Moscow is 16ms and 28ms. Improved technology in optics have allowed for large datacenter builds in northern Sweden.